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We are the ultimate guide for Tokenized Securities

STOcheck.com navigates You through the Security Token ecosystem, providing insight knowledge that helps You to stay in the loop about tokenized securities.

Why is STOcheck relevant?

Security Tokens will disrupt the financial industry as we know it.

Traditional financial products will be digitized and put onto the blockchain. As a result, Security Tokens will represent the ownership to an underlying asset that has a tangible value, such as real-estate, funds, stocks, bonds or a piece of art.

Furthermore, Security Tokens will provide different rights to the owner (e.g. voting rights, profit
share rights, redemption rights, equity, dividends) which distinguishes it from Utility Tokens.

This together opens up opportunities for creating a more inclusive, transparent, liquid and
efficient marketplace for financial products and offers many advantages for investors, issuers and
regulators within the ecosystem.

What is STOcheck doing?

We will help you to understand the Security Token ecosystem by:

    • providing high quality content on-topic (e.g. investors rights, trading restrictions etc.)
    • conducting interviews with industry experts such as regulators, legal experts, investors, founders etc.
    • listing all STOs (Security Token Offerings)
    • listing all Trading Platforms for STOs
    • listing all Service Providers for STOs

Our Team

Rene Füchtenkordt
René Füchtenkordt

Rene is an experienced web app developer and serial entrepreneur. The last company he co-founded is Jobs4refugees (Germany's most successful platform helping refugees to get jobs), where he still serves as technical advisor. In 2017 he deep-dived into the blockchain world, launching the blog
TrustedDapps which tests and reviews Decentralized Applications (Dapps).
@STOcheck.com Rene is responsible for the technical implementation and UX.

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Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Stefan successfully co-founded three social businesses including Jobs4refugees where he met Rene. He combines 6 years of experience in project management and leading operations.
@STOcheck.com Stefan is the lead content writer and responsible for customer acquisition, partnerships and operations.
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We navigate you through the Security Token ecosystem, providing insights that helps you to stay in the know.

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