This Week in Security Tokens #1

Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Sep 7, 2018

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter "This week in Security Tokens". Our vision is to build the ultimate guide to Tokenized Securities. Have Fun.

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act
“The Blockchain Laws Liechtenstein go much further than the blockchain legislation of other countries. The Blockchain Law is intended to regulate all activities that are possible on technical systems such as distributed ledgers and blockchain systems, and thus provide legal certainty” stated Adrian Hasler, Prime Minister Liechtenstein.
-> source

2. Battle of Exchanges - NEON
becoming the first regulated exchange security token in Europe and one of the first and few regulated securities in the world, and will provide holders with a share of all revenue generated by the exchange and related services.
-> source

3. First Bank to Issue Security Token
The Union Bank of Liechtenstein is set to become the first bank to issue its own security token. Union Bank AG is a fully licensed and regulated bank in Lichtenstein, providing a variety of services in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Middle East.
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4. SEC wants to let more Main Street Investors in on Private Deals
Jay Clayton outlines overhaul plans in an interview, saying changes could happen ‘pretty quickly’.
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5. First time that a multi-million dollar artwork has been tokenized and sold.
Andy Warhol’s 14 Small Electric Chairs (1980), has been sold to 100 qualified participants for US$1.7 million in the cryptocurrency auction for a 31.5% stake of the artwork.
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🖊️ From the Blog

Why should I tokenize my Real Estate?

Interview with Stephane De Baets - founder and President of Elevated Returns LLC, which is tokenizing the St. Regis Aspen Resort - a luxury asset in Aspen, Colorado.
-> source

⏰ New Security Token Listings

Gainfy - United States of America Asset Class: Debt Instrument Healthcare powered by blockchain, AI and IoT. Gainfy is bringing AI and blockchain solutions to Enterprise Clients and giving global healthcare Consumers an easy access to up to 20 min of free digital urgent care, and ability to own and manage their medical records while getting paid for staying healthy and sharing their data. -> source

💡 Knowledge of the Week

A Deep Dive into Token Launch, STO, ICO, and Crowdfunding Platforms in Canada and the USA This piece by Matthew Unger is a bit older, but shines with very detailed information about STOs, ICOs and Crowdfunding Platforms in Canada and the USA. -> source

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