This Week in Security Tokens #10

Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Nov 9, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. Ice Cream brand is launching STO for global expansion

Soprano – a Lithuanian ice cream shop chain is planning to raise 5 to 8 million euros in order to expand their business using a franchise model. Investors will get a percentage of sales (probably 2%), getting paid directly via smart contracts. -> source

2. SEC charges founder of unregistered Securities Exchange

Zachary Coburn, founder of the crypto token trading platform EtherDelta was charged with a penalty (payment of $75,000 + payback of $300,000 in unlawful profits) for operating an unregistered securities exchange. According to the SEC, EtherDelta was obliged to register in U.S. or to apply for an exemption, but failed to do so. -> source

3. SEC promises clarity on its STO definition

At the D.C. Fintech Week conference, SEC director William Hinman announced plans of the SEC to release “plain English” guidance on token offerings, giving specific guidelines on cryptocurrencies and when they may be classified as securities. The SEC guidance will also provide clarity on secondary market transactions, Hinman said. -> source

4. Harbor partners with BitGo to unleash the tokenization revolution

Harbor, a platform helping companies to issue tokenized securities in order to raise capital is forming a partnership with BitGo, which recently got approval to operate as a qualified custodian. Harbor CEO Josh Stein commented on the reason for the partnership, stating: “Most of the people that are coming to raise capital on Harbor are institutional-grade folks. In the same way you want to keep your money in a bank account and not shoved under your mattress, institutions want to make sure their funds are secured.” -> source

5. New cryptocurrency exchange starts its own STO

LXDX, a new cryptocurrency exchange on the block (founded by SpaceX employee Joshua Greenwald) is planning to offer 10 percent of its company shares through an STO. -> source

🖊️ From the Blog

RISE: Invest like a Billionaire!?

"... retail investors are consistently losing out to institutional investors in both traditional and crypto markets."

RISE CEO Stefan Tittel tells us how he and his company are trying to change this status quo. -> source

⏰ New Security Token Listings

GraphenTech: Netherlands

Asset Class: Stock

GrapenTech is an industrial company aiming to become a worldwide graphene producer, manufacturing graphene on an industrial scale at a competitive price. In order to fund this action, GraphenTech launched an STO -> source

💡 Knowledge of the Week

Security Tokens explained for Beginners

Online Newspaper The Tokenist gives us a good summary on The Howey Test, how the SEC and Blockchain projects clashed in the past and some predictions into the future of Security Tokens. -> source

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