This Week in Security Tokens #12

Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Nov 23, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. SEC publishes Statement on Security Tokens, Issuance & Trading

One sentence we find notable:

"(...there is a path to compliance with the federal securities laws going forward, even where issuers have conducted an illegal unregistered offering of digital asset securities.)" -> source

2. SEC settles charges with two ICOs - both agree to register Tokens as Securities

CarrierEQ Inc. (Airfox) and Paragon Coin Inc. have agreed to return funds to harmed investors and register the tokens as securities, file periodic reports with the Commission, and pay penalties.

“We have made it clear that companies that issue securities through ICOs are required to comply with existing statutes and rules governing the registration of securities,” said Stephanie Avakian, Co-Director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division. -> source

3. Division of Securities has filed twenty cases against allegedly fraudulent ICOs

As the result of investigations by an “ICO Task Force”, Colorado Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome signed orders for 18 ICOs (2 more are pending) directing the cessation of offering these unregistered securities in the state of Colorado.

“The sheer number of orders entered against ICOs should be a red flag to all investors that there is a real risk that the ICO you are considering is a fraud,” said Commissioner Rome. -> source

4. Release of Polymath Core v2.0.0

Issuance platform Polymath released its 2.0 version, bringing new features and improvements to work, such as pegged to fiat STO offering, forced transfers and support for tax withholding. Learn more on Polymath’s Blog: -> source

5. Equity – Made in Germany

German issuance platform Neufund announed „First ever public offering of equity on Blockchain„ starting on November 27th. Although Neufund stated as it’s top priority to give everyone access to the same investment opportunities, the minimum ticket size for this Equity Token Offering will be €100k (due to a request of German regulator BaFin). -> source

🖊️ From the Blog

INVAO: Blockchain Assets in one Coin

What if you want to invest in blockchain as an asset class?

In our new interview Frank Gessner explains why and how INVAO offers a diversified portfolio of blockchain assets and gives 20% of net profits to social and ecological impact projects. -> source

⏰ New Security Token Listings

The Elephant: United Kingdom

Asset Class: Stock

The Elephant is a tokenized platform in the private secondary market, launching a Security Token backed by shares of private companies around the globe. -> source

💡 Knowledge of the Week

Some Big Picture Thoughts About Liquidity and Security Tokens

Jesus Rodriguez shares his perspective on how liquidity will be brought into the Security Token market, presenting 9 fundamental building blocks that will act as enablers. -> source

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