This Week in Security Tokens #13

Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Nov 30, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. Patrick Byrne goes ALL-IN on Security Tokens

Patrick Byrne – Founder of online retailer Overstock is planning to sell his retail business by February 2019. He wants to fully focus on Security Token exchange tZero which raised $134 million during its ICO and aims to operate under SEC approval within months. -> source

2. OpenFinance Network (OFN) announces first Security Token Trade

After many weeks of testing, finally live trading on OFN has begun. The first token to list and trade is SPiCE, a fully tokenized venture capital fund. In the linked article, Devin Huang describes how he bought the first SPICE token for $101. Devin is the founder of Cabin Capital – a strategic partner of OFN. (Note: You have to scroll down for the English version of the article.) -> source

3. Securitize raised $12.75 million in Series A round

Issuance platform Securitize which provides a compliant framework for issuing and managing Security Tokens got backed by Coinbase Ventures, Blockchain Capital and Ripple’s Xpring among others in their funding round. -> source

4. Harbor goes LIVE - officially launching their platform for tokenizing Private Securities

Harbor's service lets institutional businesses issue and manage their own securities based on real-world assets using blockchain technology, planning to provide ease-of-use, higher liquidity and greater accessibility. The first STO on the Harbor platform is a student housing facility representing $20 million in private equity. -> source

5. Indian Netflix competitor is preparing STO

Spuul, a Singapore-based VOD, OTT and Live TV platform with over 65M users is planning a so-called Sequility Token Offering (SQTO). Together with technology venture company Krypton Capital and build on Ontology’s high-throughput protocol they are planning to lay out this multi-tiered funding model. -> source

🖊️ From the Blog

Mobile Exchange for Security Tokens

With the CEO of Ledgity - Pierre-Yves Dittlot - we talked about the potential and challenges launching an exchange for Security Tokens in Europe. Pierre also gave us an outlook where he sees the Ecosystem in 5 years. -> source

⏰ New Security Token Listings

RISE: Germany
Asset Class: Fund

"... retail investors are consistently losing out to institutional investors in both traditional and crypto markets."

RISE is claiming to solve this problem, check them out: -> source

💡 Knowledge of the Week

How to make assets spendable!?

This is a great video with Julian Hosp, Joseph Lubin and and Michael Novogratz discussing how we will spend assets in the future.

Here's a hint: It`s not via paper ;) -> source

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