This Week in Security Tokens #14

Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Dec 6, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. China declares STOs illegal

Huo Xuewen, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance stated pretty straightforward:

“I will make a risk warning to those who are propagating in Beijing and want to issue an STO. Don't do it in Beijing. If you do it in Beijing, you will be taken away for illegal financial activities.”
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2. Industry Leaders announce common Framework for Security Tokens

tZERO, GSX Group, NEM, HyperLink Capital and other leaders of the blockchain space are collaborating to launch the Verified Token Framework (VTF). It is supposed to facilitate interoperable Security Token guidelines and aims to become the foremost reference document, codebase, and community for the Security Token ecosystem while remaining open-source.
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3. Nexo pays Token Holders first Dividend worth US$912,071

Nexo’s board of directors decided to pay out a dividend to all NEXO token holders on December 15, 2018. Those who have NEXO tokens in their Nexo wallets by 5th December and have passed the ‘Advanced Verification’ process will be paid in form of Nexos tokens at the exchange rate of $0.104256 NEXO/USD.
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4. SFT - the new Protocol on the Block

Hyperlink Capital introduces its SFT protocol, focussing on open-source, interoperability and regulatory compliance. The protocol is written in Solidity and will allow for the tokenization of debt and equity based securities.
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5. Regulators in Thailand unsure about STOs

In Thailand, authorities remain hesitant in providing a clear regulatory framework how to deal with Security Tokens. The deputy Secretary-General of the SEC Thailand stated, that she is unsure of whether STOs fall under the digital asset category, existing securities regulations, or neither of those.
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🖊️ From the Blog

Tokenizing the top-20 NASDAQ stocks

In our new Interview with Olga Duka, CEO of Zeus Exchange, we talk about legal challenges, collaborations between exchanges, tokenization of conventional stocks and much more...
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⏰ New Security Token Listings

BlockEstate: USA
Asset Class: Fund

BlockEstate is a private tokenized Real Estate Fund, allowing international investors to benefit from the U.S, Real Estate Market
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💡 Knowledge of the Week

„How can we improve what we are doing in no way degrading investor protection“

One of the thoughts (among many others on blockchain, tokens, compliance etc.) SEC Chairman Jay Clayton shared during a talk with investor Glenn Hutchins last week at the conference "Consensus: Invest"
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