This Week in Security Tokens #3

René Füchtenkordt
René Füchtenkordt

Sep 21, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. Hollywood's First Security Token MovieCoin offers a SecurityToken denoting an ownership stake in a fund of real-word film and television assets. CEO Christopher Woodrow is planning to sell $250 million dollars’ worth of security tokens to finance 60 movies over the next six years. -> source

2. TokenSoft Proposes new Security Token Standard
Security Token issuance platform TokenSoft has proposed a new security token standard: ERC-1404. ERC-1404 is described as having all of the benefits of an ERC-20 token with some added improvements to help enforce regulatory compliance. -> source

3. Elio Motors launches STO
Ultra-high-mileage three-wheel vehicle, the Elio, launched the pre-sale of the ElioCoin Security Token, intending to raise up to $25 million and offering secondary trading on tZERO's security token platform
This money will be used to fund the capital expenditures necessary to bring the Elio into production. -> source

4. Producers Token Becomes Global Pioneer in Agriculture Security Tokens
Producers Token is designed to help farmers get maximum return from their outputs. It is structured as an asset-backed Security Token to align with the values of decentralization by connecting its venture with a global community of added-value investors. In addition, the security token format enables the corporate mission to reward twenty percent of total equity ownership to the farmers that do business on Producers Market. -> source

5. BitGo Gets US Cryptocurrency Custody Approval
BitGO, an US-based blockchain security company stated to have received public trust company status from the South Dakota Division of Banking. The approval means that the company’s existing storage service is now a ‘regulated’ custody for institutional investors offered through licensed BitGo Trust Company. -> source

🖊️ From the Blog

enter image description here
How Corl is creating the world's first revenue-sharing Security Token
Interview with Sam Kawtharani - CEO of Corl - Sam shares his biggest learnings, an why Spiderman is the perfect embodiment of a Startup. [Link]

⏰ New Security Token Listings

enter image description here
Andra Capital Technology Growth Fund - United States of America Asset Class: Fund Andra Capital is a late-stage, technology growth fund that leverages the blockchain through its SILICON VALLEY COIN, a regulatory compliant and asset-backed security token, to provide access to permitted US and global investors. [...more]

💡 Knowledge of the Week

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Your Complete Guide to Security Token Exchanges
An analysis of the Security Token exchanges - without the bullshit :) [Link]

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