This Week in Security Tokens #9

Stefan Perlebach
Stefan Perlebach

Nov 2, 2018

đŸ”„ Top 5 - Most important news of the week

1. Spacefund – a Security Token to invest in Space Startups

SpaceFund is a venture capital firm seeking to cash in on the space travel industry. It is the first company to introduce a space Security Token designed to make it easier for people to invest in space startups. SpaceFund’s ultimate goal for tokenizing its funds is to expedite the pace at which mankind is exploring space on a private level. . -> source

2. JPMorgan is planning to tokenize Gold Bars

JPMorgan’s Head of Blockchain Initiatives, Umar Farooq stated in an interview that the banking giant will be ‘tokenizing’ gold bars on the Ethereum network. The assets will be represented on Quorum, JPMorgan’s enterprise blockchain built on Ethereum. -> source

3. Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse successfully test Blockchain for Securities Settlement

Deutsche Börse, owner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the central bank of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank have successfully completed a trial that was investigating how helpful blockchain technology could be in securities settlement. -> source

4. Smartlands Platform: Voting on upcoming Security Tokens

The Smartlands platform is planning to launch some of its first STOs. Therefore, they are offering the community five projects for preview and voting. -> source

5. Bithumb and seriesOne planning to build US Security Token Exchange

South Korean exchange Bithumb and US FinTech firm seriesOne joined forces to create a regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency exchange for Security Tokens in the US. -> source

đŸ–Šïž From the Blog

DSTOQ: Exchange without Borders!?

Craig McGregor, CEO of DSTOQ is telling us about the advantages of DSTOQ compared with traditional securities exchanges, explains the tokenization process to us and gives an outlook on the biggest upcoming challenges -> source

⏰ New Security Token Listings

Corl - Canada Asset Class: Stock Corl wants to reinvent the way startups and small businesses are financed. Taking advantage of innovations in crowdfunding and blockchain technology, Corl reduces traditional finance’s inefficiencies while empowering investors. -> source

💡 Knowledge of the Week

How Security Tokens are going to disrupt Venture Capital

Great piece for reading by Stephen McKeon, talking about how blockchain will offer VC funds a new mechanism to raise capital as well as ways how Venture Capital can be disrupted by the new technology -> source

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