Pivent Inc.

Pivent Inc.

A cryptocurrency mining company focused on driving socioeconomic change.

United States of America
Blockchain Technology
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About Pivent Inc.

What problem is Pivent Inc. solving?

We are providing computing power to cryptocurrency/blockchain projects and building stronger, inclusive communities through our socioeconomic initiatives.

What are your Revenue Streams?

We earn revenue by mining cryptocurrencies for block rewards.

What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

We are the only cryptocurrency mining company that has a core value to help build stronger communities.


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Track Record

Eric has been an accomplished software engineer for the last 11 years at Pitney Bowes, Amazon, ActiveBuilding, and Microsoft where he designed and developed robust and scalable web services and systems. While at Amazon, he was the sole inventor of a patent for “Distributed computing over a wireless ad hoc network”. Over this time, he also mentored and lead teams of software engineers to successfully deliver projects while working with project managers to meet several business groups milestones and commitments in a timely fashion. Eric’s interest in distributed systems, cryptocurrencies, and mining lead him to found Pivent Inc. where his years of can be applied to execute on the building of a large-scale distributed mining operation.


Company Name

Pivent Inc.

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(about 2 months ago)

Token name

Pivent Token

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