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Project Crowd AG

The Prowd platform reinvents freelance recruitment

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About Project Crowd AG

What problem is Project Crowd AG solving?

Trying to hire the right freelancer is a time consuming and expensive process, having to negotiate terms with recruitment firms, having to wade through CVs and interview many candidates before finding the right fit. Prowd will address and resolve many of the fundamental issues affecting employers, recruiters and freelance employees. Issues such as trust, cultural fit, time to hire, efficiency, and cost.

What are your Revenue Streams?

Prowd’s business model is based on several revenue streams including the well-established subscription model for companies and recruiters. In addition to the fee-based membership options, Prowd offers additional services such as “choose your own payday” (smart invoice factoring), financial and lifestyle products, business support tools and personal career development via the platform and enables service providers to access the lucrative market for external professionals.

What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Prowd combines sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms which simplify the search for qualified external specialists with functionality based on Blockchain technology and integrates both into the platform. Another USP, alongside the advanced Artificial Intelligence, is Prowd´s Cultural Fit Factor – the ability to predict and plan for performance when forming a team. Something that is fundamentally missing in the majority of today’s workforce recruitment.


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