Corl is growth capital for startups.



Private Sale: Ended (09/01/2018 - 10/31/2018)

Completed : 50 Days ago


What problem is Corl solving?

The current small business and startup funding gap is estimated at $850 billion in North America and royalty based financing is an evolution of that market gap. Corl has developed a platform to automate the underwriting process. Through the use of big data, machine learning, and advanced risk management, the innovative funding platform takes a business 10 minutes to apply, and investment decisions are made in under 2 weeks.

What are your revenue streams?

Corl's customers are primarily startups. We'll share in their revenue in exchange for up front growth capital. We have additional revenue streams based on deal referrals to other capital partners and 3rd party services.

Do you have an USP?

Corl's main differentiation is that our product is non-dilutive. Founders keep equity ownership in their company. Additionally, we are a much quicker application process when compared to traditional funding options. Corl can fund companies in as little as 2 weeks compared to the 3-9 month funding process offered by most VC's.


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