DSTOQ is a government-licensed stock exchange, offering peer-to-peer trading of Security Tokens

Stefan PerlebachOct 31, 2018

Interview with Craig McGregor - CEO of DSTOQ 1. What problem is DSTOQ trying to solve? DSTOQ’s primary goal is to improve global access to capital markets. For the crypto industry our Security Token platform provides the ability to hedge their portfolio. We also aim to foster economic inclusion in multiple ways, such as giving individuals in emerging markets direct a...

Stefan PerlebachNov 2, 2018

đŸ”„ Top 5 - Most important news of the week 1. Spacefund – a Security Token to invest in Space Startups SpaceFund is a venture capital firm seeking to cash in on the space travel industry. It is the first company to introduce a space Security Token designed to make it easier for people to invest in space startups. SpaceFund’s ultimate goal for tokenizing its funds is to expedite the pa...

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