OpenFinance Network

OpenFinance Network is a US based regulated security token trading platform.

Stefan PerlebachOct 10, 2018

Interview with Juan Hernandez - CEO of OpenFinance Network 1. Which problem is OFN trying to solve? Currently, there is no single platform for digital asset issuers who would like to become securities and need trading, clearing and settlement for their security tokens. Traditional alternative assets (e.g. Regulation D, Regulation S, Regulation A+, hedge fund, private...

Stefan PerlebachOct 12, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week 1. First STO on Indiegogo raised $18 Million Asset management company Elevated Returns raised $18 million tokenizing the luxury asset St. Regis Aspen Resort and offering the token on Indiegogo` platform. -> source 2. Comi...

Stefan PerlebachOct 26, 2018

🔥 Top 5 - Most important news of the week 1. Crypto companies request regulatory guidance from German lawmakers German venture capital firms Neufund and Freigeist VC published an open letter to the Bundestag after a court ruling excluded cryptocurrency from the financial instrument category - meaning virtual trading would be outside of existing laws. The letter requests German lawmak...

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